How many of you would like for me to setup an interactive Forum for you to be able to more easily communicate with one another?

If there are enough people interested I will set something up but first I need to hear from members who would like this.

Here is a link to the users guide for the forum I am putting up .
It should be ready either today or tomorrow (09.27.17 or 09.28.17)

SMF User Guide

Ok the Forum is ready to start using. Its a brand new install so you will be filling it up with posts. You will need to individually register on the Forum and be approved by the admin. Please read the above user guide to get familiar with how to navigate this forum software.  The link to the forum is:

Wendy’s Place Forum Link

Email me at


7 thoughts on “QUESTION”

  1. Michael Thank you for all you have done all these months to keep Wendy”s web site up and running and now again that you have established this forum for us. I didn’t write in yet to tell you how much I would like that but you already did it thank you Michael thank you for all you do and all your kindness for all of us. I appreciate you and thank you so very much . Did you live close to where Wendy lived.

  2. Hello Michael,

    I’ve been away from the Inet for the past two days and so wasn’t able to give my thumbs up ^ for your wonderful idea 🙂 The thought of a ‘Wendy’s Place Forum’ is truly a God-send!

    Thank you so much for not only thinking of it, but putting your efforts forth to create it for everyone. Wendy’s unexpected, sudden and shocking passing was and is still such a trauma to all of us, that having a place where can remember our beloved Wendy to exchange thoughts and ideas will be of great comfort and healing, as well as to carry on with helping to fulfill her dream.

    I am hoping in earnest that all of her conference Calls can be preserved as well. We can surely till learn from them and too, be able to listen to her warm, and guiding voice of such caring concern and wisdom!

    Thank so much again ~

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