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Keep your eye on this post as it will be updated as I get more details.

  1. What happened to Wendy – Official Statement is due to complications from her surgery of several years ago – over the weekend it was noticed that she started having mini strokes and in her last hours she was having several in a row. Her official passing was 09.20.17 @ 1:30am
  2.  Whats the future of this website – TBD
  3. What will happen with the conference calls –So far I have not been able to get the information needed to manage this account so at this point this weeks conference call would run as last weeks did.

Anyone needing to get in touch with Troy please contact me at to make arrangements.

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  1. Thank you Michael for this input. It is likely that many will call in tonight as we have access to the conference call as per usual. I intend to. We need to be especially attentive to the request for no back ground noise as muting us out is most likely not an option. Perhaps Jim Levitt will be joining us and maybe Lee Crundall. This would be my hope as sharing our sorrow is necessary I would think. Then again, it may be too soon and/or other plans may be in the works. This unexpected event is shocking and so heart renching…..deep sigh, Rita ~ “…and the Heavens rejoice at her return.”

  2.  I guess Wendy’s spirit and personality brought like minds together, and is still alive in all of us.  A lot of us have never met each other in person, at least I have not met anyone, but the community that developed over time has as a result of the calls and the post that were placed on blog has created a powerful vibe between us.  I am grateful that I am able to experience such a gift, via Wendy, Lee, Jim, Zapp, Michael and us as a group whom I have never met. I really was looking forward to met Suzanne in person.

  3. Wendy’s FIRST Message here to all of US, on October 30, 2015

    Her Message is a Very GOOD ONE, and still stands today!!
    We should ALL read it again, it is beautiful and as though she is speaking to us from Heaven and also from the past.
    He Message is worth Reading AGAIN!!

    Go To:

    Or click on Archive, ‘October 2015’

    1. Note: ‘First Message’ – Meaning Wendy’s inspirational and educational wisdom passed along to us — Not her first post(s) which were mostly news related and biographical.

  4. We all know how much Wendy loved and adored her incredible canine, ZEUS! : ) and just as imposingly large as was her beloved dog, was her sense of his passing as being an enormous loss to her. I know that that Wendy had not yet recovered from losing her most kindred spirit in the Angel Messenger that was ZEUS.

    In light of Wendy’s own passing, I thought that I might share with members some of her precious words/thoughts about her beloved Zues, posted to me in Skype soon after his leaving her realm.
    Thursday, July 20th

    “your lovely kind card arrived….and it gave me a hug.

    THANK YOU for thinking of me and loving Zeus…..he is still here…..we ALL hear him in the house……..making his rounds …checking on each one of us…including HIS cats. He is just in another dimension……I do miss him…..every little bit of him….all of his happiness and care and compassion and protection……..I just miss him so much……….

    Zeus is called the “Father of the Gods” and “King of all”. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak. In addition to his Indo-European inheritance, the classical “cloud-gatherer” also derives certain iconographic traits from the cultures of the Ancient Near East, such as the scepter.

    I think my Zeus is a higher being….he is a Master……of a higher dimension.

    he was a gift….in many ways.

    his last act of love to me….Edie had taken him out…..I was working with Mike –my PT…..I was sitting on the side of the bed for the first time…….Zeus saw me sitting up….he was sooooo excited…..and happy….he came to me…sat between my knees and laid his head on my thigh and looked at me and smiled. He was so happy to see me UP…………I loved on him and kissed him held his head in my hands……….and he left to lay down. 3 hours passed and he went into shock…..and that was his final goodbye to me……he actually smiled and showed me his love and said goodbye……I didn’t realize it then…..but looking back…I SEE IT…..I FEEL IT………… I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT FACE. NEVER.”

    Wendy had it right. Like Zues… She is ‘just in another dimension’ ~ I am still trying to cope with her loss as many of you must be but I hope that reading some of her beautiful feelings expressed so poignantly, will help in coping with missing Wendy as much as I do. She was bigger than life to all of us.

    I know that we will never forget HER. NEVER!

    God Bless You All ~

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thank you so much for sharing that. Zues was my first thought when I heard the news.
      I take comfort in the understanding that she didn’t have to go through all that (earth plain) tedious, painful physical therapy.
      But what a loss for us. Do you know how Edie is?
      Truth, Beauty and Goodness,

      1. Hello Stephanie,

        You’re so welcome ~ I’m glad that you were able to read Wendy’s memories of that special moment, Zeus’s profound, farewell to her ~ It is redeeming and comforting to know that Zeus was able to at least see Wendy sitting up and that she had the joy of his head upon her lap in this life before she followed him into the light just two months and two weeks later. Zeus also, I believe passed on a Wednesday, and I have no doubt that he greeted her in the light, to her supreme joy in her free and healthy light body.

        It is still difficult at this time to take any real solace as yet, since Wendy deserved to see the culmination of all that she had planned, waited and worked for through all of these years. As well, with all the many sacrifices and suffering she endured with her traumatic health event and the loss of her husband just a few years ago, she of all people merited the finest reward for her accomplishments. Wendy was always there without hesitation to step in and help someone else, selflessly and without reservation. As a true humanitarian, Wendy could do no less, as always helping others was her life’s blood.

        Her beautiful dog, Zeus was the light of her life, her protector. I believe that his loss, along with the difficult and delayed physical therapy, together brought about unanticipated stress upon the body. Perhaps with Zeus at her side, she may have had the stamina to carry on all of it ~ the entire picture. Perhaps if she had had her therapy at the outset this would have been a different story.

        Wendy was our Florence Nightingale, who succeeded in so much, in many ways, more than most, and yet while confined to a bed~! I know that Wendy-Suzanne was a most stalwart, forthright and undaunted human being and would have continued rising to meet and overcome any challenge as she always had done throughout her life. She was a champion downhill skier and an entrepreneur; she traveled through Europe at the age of twenty-two!

        Perhaps, Wendy simply longed too much for her loved ones; we will never know how much and yet she looked forward to a bright future …but the mortal body is capable of only so much stress and loss, and without her dearest souls at her side the Light becomes ever so bright, ever so beckoning for that one moment….That one moment makes all the difference between existing in this Realm…. and suddenly you are there in the next….You are finally HOME ~ at Home in the Light… the Lighted Realms and suddenly, there they All Are…Waiting …! The Rainbow Bridge has been crossed ~

        And So It Is, God Bless Our Dearest Human Angel, Wendy-Suzanne~ May We All Have the Divine Gift of Seeing Our Wendy Again One Day ~ In The Light ~ Blessings to All ~

        ~*If you all have the time, find and listen to: Much Ado About Nothing: Scene in the Garden Op.11 By Erich Wolfgang Korngold ~ YT

        ~*Edie… I have not heard anything as to how she is doing… I think we could email Michael or Lee about her … I need her email address.

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