Lo and beholdRestored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 30, 2017 ~ Intel

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 30 2017

Compiled 12:35 am EST 30 March 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” www.22faces.com

A. March 29 2017 ZAP: (Note: ZAP’s Humanitarian funds release is related to, but not part of, funds designated for currency exchanges)

1. Air Force 2 touched down in Reno yesterday March 28. If rumors are true then this is a signal of the RV.

2. Without giving away details of our current situation, the much anticipated transfer of funds to the paymaster from the Trust has been ordered and the funds are waiting for transmission in the wire room at the European Bank.

3. The funds were almost sent yesterday March 28, but the process was stopped because the Trust had to register with authorities to move money out of the country. This was done last week.

4.Yesterday March 28 they almost sent the money, until the guys in the wire room went over the final compliance documents and said one critical information was missing – the origin of the funds.

5. Today March 29 this information was provided and registered with authorities.

6. The timing of the transmission of the wires is estimated at three days from yesterday March 28.

7. Registration of the information will be couriered to the bank and that will take one day.

8. It will take another day for the bank notary to verify the information.

9. After the verification the wire room will be instructed to release the wires out of the country.

10. Therefore, the actual timing of the transmissions is expected onMonday April 3 European time.

11. The paymaster will receive the funds the next day Tues. April 4, and begin distribtions.

12. This is our current timing and will not change.

13. The funds are very, very old and have been accumulated over centuries, not years.

14. I spoke to them this morning. They confirmed an amount for Africa that is in the billions to help them. They also confirmed an amount in the trillion range that they are releasing to various governments to help them with their infrastructure and water needs.

B. March 29 2017 TNT Call RayRen98: Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=96503178

1. Abadi gave a speech at the Arab Summit, but it said nothing about Iraq’s full liberation and reconciliation, rates, nor dates.

2. Mosul is 93% liberated, and ISIL is still holding on to 7% according to reports.

3. The US banks are ready as ever, waiting. Some thought they would be processing at least some of us by now. That’s still the expectation that the first phase would be wrapped up. I cannot be too specific on that.

March 29 2017 Zim:“RE: Questions on ZIM” – One Who Believes – 11.5.16

March 28 2017 Bruce’s The Big Call Intel Notes:The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 3-28-17

1. Prime Minister Abadi spoke at the Arab Summit in Jordan at 3:30am EST March 29.

2. The Iraq take back of Mosul has been completed for some time now. Even the two banks that were not up and running in Western Mosul were back on line 4 to 5 days ago.

3. Iraq has a new in-country revalued dinar rate of over $6.

4. All the rates we are talking about in the first basket were visible on the screen at HSBC on Sunday March 26.

5. All the screen rates were all non-NDA (no matter the currency).

6. The ZIM screen rate was up from $2.26 to a little above that.

7. We needed currency to be reinstated and revalued in-country for an international currency to happen. That looks extremely good for tomorrow.

8. About 8 hours ago Prime minster Teresa May from Great Britain signed the document for Brexit-Article 50. It resets everything so that with Brexit taking place, Great Britain was good to go. That needed to be done before this went for us.

9. I don’t think there is anything else that needed to be handled.

10. Out West we had some help from our administration to move things along.

11, Major changes in Wells Fargo took place and were handled by HSBC.

12. Everything has moved forward beyond the pinging stage.

13. Starting yesterday out West paymasters were paying out prepaids, advance paids or SKRS. All of that was being handled even now.

14. A lot of documents were signed and people in certain groups were emailed information they needed to sign and send back to verify accounts. We think payment of some of those accounts were imminent as early as tonight or tomorrow.

15. This thing has started, it is moving. When these core groups get handled we are next.

16. We get information that things are moving beyond the receipt of the large tranches form our Chinese partners from AIIB, Peoples Bank of China, and HSBC.

17. Funds have moved around the world and put in position where humanitarian funding was in position and ready to receive. All was ready so the initial start ups were paid.

18. We are looking very good for some activity that could take place tonight as well as tomorrow.

19. The redemption centers are to go on engage status we heard ½ hour after West Coast banks closed tomorrow March 29 2017.

20. Make sure you take two good writing blue pens with you. You want to sign documents with blue ink at the exchange. Also your ID, passport or card with a picture ID, copy of your utility bill, cell phone bill that shows your name and address where you are currently residing that you can take with you for ID purpose.

21. If you have a project you want to talk about you should have a 1 to 3 pages bullet outline. Don’t hand that to them until you are through with your one to 3 minute discuss of your projects. I like to make a presentation to someone looking at your eyes and you at their eyes. If you don’t have a project of own you can talk about working with Big Call Rebuild America, adopting a city, town, and community. We will rebuild this country one city at a time. I am looking for 5,000 listeners to join us. A lot of the ideas, building concept, rebuilding homes, hiring vets, mentorship program for the youth, and apprenticeship so people can learn these trades onsite.

22. Hopefully this will come to us in the next day or so. Then we can be off and running. I know people are being paid and let’s go with that.

23. I do believe we are working close with HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Canadian banks like Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank. Scotia Bank is also in the Caribbean, and TD bank is also in the United States.

24. Working with HSBC is a great idea because all our money in our accounts with HSBC are 100 % back by the global accounts.

25. We have been on the gold standard since 5pm EST yesterday afternoon March 27.

26. That means we have a gold back dollar we call Our USN.

27. The TRNs are more less than a bond currency that is traded between countries and banks that is gold back as well.

28. The playing field gets more level as more opportunities of 3rd and 4th world countries come on for the first time such as Vietnam Dong, Iraq Dinar, and Indonesia Rupiah. This is just the first basket and there will be other baskets coming up.

29. I am looking for 3 leaders in each state to work with me to Rebuild America. I think this has caught the ear of our administration such as for Infrastructure Bonds. It will be interesting to see what our banking partners and the Administration come up with so we can invest into those bonds. Those bonds can be for specific projects as a tax free vehicle. You guys are the geniuses out there that can and you can help us put this together. Then we can go outside the country that have a need.

30. Don’t cut yourself short when it comes to negotiating a higher rate especially when it comes to the ZIM. Do not hesitate to negotiate a higher rate that goes well into 4 or 5 figures for the ZIM, because if you have the projects to support it we can go and we can have these bond offerings into the 100’s of trillions of dollars to do these projects.

31. Keep an eye on our website: thebigcall.net.


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 29, 2017

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HI, folks –

Here’s Benjamin Fulford’s full report for this week, found here:


Immortality and exponential expansion into the universe will come after final cabal defeat
Posted by benjamin
March 27, 2017

Last week somebody hacked into my computer so that the video at the link below started playing as soon as I turned it on. It purports to show the destruction of the Black Night Satellite that many people in US intelligence agencies like the NSA insist has been stopping humans from leaving the planet earth.


This news coincides with announcements by NASA of age reversing pills and faster than light travel technology that will allow us to go to visit newly discovered earth like planets.



CIA sources are also saying a secret presidential order was given to release free energy technology as well as existing anti-aging technology.

The only thing that is blocking humanity from this future of immortality and exponential expansion into the universe is now a small group of people clinging to control of financial computers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and the BIS. These computers need to be physically seized in order to allow the issuance of unlimited funds to let humanity spread its wings and fly.

The individuals who have been forensically identified as blocking the funding for a new age are Janet Yellen at the Fed, Mario Draghi at the ECB, Haruhiko Kuroda at the BOJ and Agustin Carstins at the BIS. Special Forces need to go and seize these individuals and occupy the computer centers at the central banks ASAP in order to ensure the liberation of funds for the planet earth.

If these computers and the parasites who control them are removed, multiple sources in various charitable foundations are saying that not just trillions but actual quadrillions of dollars could be released to finance an end to poverty and environmental destruction as well as research into immortality and unlimited expansion into the universe.

The battle against the controllers of the Babylonian debt slavery system these central banks oversee is continuing towards final victory. Former US President Barack Obama has vanished from public view and is probably undergoing interrogation. Also last week the body of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long term associate Vincent Foster was exhumed and was found to have two bullet holes to the back of his head meaning the cause of his death was changed from suicide to murder. Pentagon and CIA sources say this finding will lead to the Clintons being prosecuted for murder.


The death of the big Kahuna, David Rockefeller, was also formally announced last week by his family. CIA sources say Rockefeller was kept in stasis in a vegetative state for months at an Antarctic base before the family finally gave up and announced he was no longer with us.

When this writer was first informed by the Japanese authorities of a plot by the Western elite to kill 90% of humanity through disease, starvation and nuclear war, they handed me material showing that Rockefeller sat at the head of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and other top groups of Western power brokers. Thus he was a prime suspect as the originator of this fiendish plan.

However, when I actually met Mr. Rockefeller I had the impression that, deep inside, this man thought he was doing good for the planet. The question that upcoming truth and reconciliation investigators need to answer now is how was how his vision for a united planet earth in harmony with nature got distorted into a nightmarish genocidal plan.

The forensic trail that started with Rockefeller led to

George Bush Sr. and his Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia. These were the people linked to 911 and the Nazi take-over of the United States in 2001. From there the trail led to P2 lodge in Italy and the worshippers of the black sun.

Since then the White Dragon Society, the Pentagon and agency white hats and their Asian allies have systematically dismantled the top ranks old Western power structure. It started in 2013 with the resignation of Pope Maledict, followed by the abdication that year of Queen Beatrix of Holland, Sheik Al Thani of Qatar, King Albert II of Belgium and King Juan Carlos of Spain in 2014. Then the Clinton/Bush faction lost power in the US last November and are being pursued for their crimes. Now the Japanese Emperor has announced his abdication and his secret controller David Rockefeller has died. Queen Elizabeth of England and King Carl Gustaf of Sweden remain on the throne because they were not part of the genocidal plot, CIA sources say.

The abdications and loss of power of these high level people has exposed new, previously hidden layers of the world power structure. Japanese imperial family sources point to the mysterious Cabot family in Switzerland (the controllers of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un among other things) and their high ranking bagmen with names like Eisenberg and Rosenberg.

The battle to liberate the planet earth now rages most fiercely in the US and Japan as hold-outs of the New World Order struggle to remain relevant.

In Japan, Henry Kissinger has been giving orders to the politician Ichiro Ozawa to ensure continued cabal control of South Korea and Japan, the royal family sources say. Ozawa has been telling people here that he and Kissinger are now the heads of the committee of 300. Unfortunately, some people in the power structure still believe them. However, the truth is that they are both now ronin, or masterless Samurai destined to wander without purpose.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese Finance Minister Aso Taro, for their part, are on the verge of being removed from power since their Bush/Clinton bosses have lost power in the US. Abe went to Europe last week where he tried to meet the pope but was denied an audience meaning his days in power are numbered.

Japanese finance bureaucracy types are pushing for Aso to be the next Prime Minister but Aso is detested by the Japanese military and police because he has been taking bribes in exchange for selling Japan’s water resources to his French Rothschild masters.

The Jesuit run CSIS has been trying to put Aso in power because Japan is an important money machine through its secret budget. Japan’s official government budget for 2017 is 97.45 trillion yen. By contrast its secret budget is worth over 250 trillion yen. This budget comes from things like taxes on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco that generate revenue that is not subject to scrutiny by the Parliament. Of that 250 trillion yen, 200 trillion (about $2 trillion) “goes to the Americans,” and 50 trillion to the finance minister, the royal family sources say. The CSIS people in Japan as led by Henry Kissinger wish to preserve this secret Japanese revenue stream at all costs now that their boss David Rockefeller has passed away, the sources say. The US military white hats should stop Kissinger et al and redirect this revenue stream towards more beneficial goals.

Whoever is behind the CSIS is also behind FBI head James Comey and Vice President Michael Pence’s secret efforts to oust Donald Trump, CIA sources say. It now appears it was Comey who was helping Barack Obama illegally eavesdrop on Donald Trump when he was running for president.



There are also disturbing signs that US President Donald Trump is in way over his head in the battle against the controllers.

This was shown by his defeated attempt to pass a health care reform act that utterly failed in any way to deal with the criminal gang that has established a parasitical hold on US doctors and the American people. The graph in the article in the link below shows in red how much American blood-money these people are leaching,


Until we see raids on the American Medical Association headquarters and the mass arrest of Pharmacidical company executives, US healthcare costs are only going to go up while the American people’s health and longevity are going to keep going downhill.

The US military and white hats are doing a better job outside of the United States these days. Pentagon sources say. Their war on Daesh took on a new financial dimension last week with the banning of laptops in planes originating from Daesh sponsoring countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council, the sources say.

The Israelis, for their part, have been forced to withdraw their fake Muslim Daesh army to Lebanon as Israel finds itself under serious threat from multiple fronts, Mossad sources say. Israel was also exposed to shame last week after Mossad was identified as the source of fake bomb threats to Jewish community centers in the US, the Pentagon sources say.

The Khazarian Nazis in the Ukraine were also dealt a huge blow when a nuclear weapon was set off in their ammunition dump, creating massive explosions and depriving them of vital weapons supplies, the sources say. A video of the explosion can be seen at the link below.


The Pentagon sources are now saying they expect some sort of end game to the battle for the planet earth around July. The “[Chinese President] Xi [Jinping] Trump summit in April is to set the stage for a Trump [Russian President Vladimir] Putin summit in July to end conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine and impose a two state solution on Israel so that the global currency resent can happen,” the Pentagon sources say.

conf call #74 ON 3.31.17 LISTEN NOW LINK AT THE BOTTOM.

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Recording link: CLICK ON LISTEN NOW.(Below)



Start Recording Time End Recording Time Duration
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There are photos, on the link, that show you step by step how to do this. The directions are fairly clear but if you need more help, click on the link below:


Yesterday we reported that an international group of hackers claim they have breached Apple’s iCloud user database and stolen 300 million usernames and passwords. The group has threatened to initiate a widespread factory reset on April 7th, 2017, potentially wiping out data on tens of millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts should Apple fail to pay a ransom.

But that breach by nefarious hackers, while serious, is nothing compared to what your trusted operating system provider may be doing on your personal computer.

According to a recent report, if you are a Windows 10 user then every single keystroke you have ever typed on your computer may have been logged and sent to Microsoft.

You know those nagging questions during the installation process that ask you whether or not you want to “help” improve Windows by sending data to Microsoft? If you happened to answer “yes” to one of these questions, or if you went with the Microsoft default installation, there is a real possibility that everything you have done on your computer from the get-go, including sending “secure” messages (because the keyboard logger captures your keystrokes before they appear in your secure messaging app), is now a part of a massive user database somewhere.

There’s been heaps of controversy associated with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10 since it was launched, but the latest issue takes the cake – apparently Windows has been quietly logging every single keystroke users make on their keyboards from the beginning. Even better, that data is being constantly sent to Microsoft’s servers on a regular basis.

Via IB Times

It’s been reported that Microsoft has been using the data to improve artificial intelligence writing and grammar software, but it’s not clear what else they are doing with it.

If you are OK with sharing your personal messages, usernames and passwords with Microsoft for the betterment of the Windows universe, then there is nothing else you need to do at this time.

But if you are concerned about your personal privacy, there are two ways to avoid having your computer spied on using this keylogger method.

Choose A Custom Installation

When installing Windows 10 for the first time you’ll want to select a ‘Custom Install’. This will allow you to choose what you do or do not want activated. To be safe, select ‘no’ for all options related to sending information or data to Microsoft or third-parties.

Update Your Privacy Settings

There is a simple way to identify whether or not your typing activities are being logged.

Simply click on your Windows 10 Start Menu. From there, go to Settings (or the gear icon) -> Privacy -> General

You’ll want to turn off the option that says, “Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future.”

Once moved to the ‘Off’ position, Microsoft keyword logging should no longer be a problem.

But even though Microsoft will no longer be accessing your data, keep in mind that recent leaked documents reveal most devices have been compromised by intelligence services, meaning that not only can they see what you are typing to friends, family and business colleagues, but they can remotely monitor your voice and video communications in real-time without you even knowing its happening, including when you think your computer is turned off.

Bix Weir 3.30.17

March 30, 2017
Bix Weir’s morning news as seen through the filter of the Road to Roota Theory.
Today’s topics are Russian election tampering and the fact that the USA is the largest election tampering country in the World! Glass houses don’t like rocks Mr. Congressman. Bix also gets into Bitcoin, silver, the imploding health care system and what it will do to our economic well being.
Russian Spooks, Whistle Blowers…and Glass Houses (Bix Weir’s “Horn of Zeese” #011)
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir


Aliens among us now by George Eaton.

From CGI’s GeorgeEaton:


Personally I disagree with that assessment. I don’t believe the aliens will play any role in “quarantining” us. Some of them may work with governments and/or the wealthy elite globalists to set up colonies on other planets. But I fail to see the motive behind trying to quarantining people on earth. Our own government along with the globalists seems to be doing a pretty good job of that already.

George Eaton


Aliens have visited Earth multiple times and will quarantine the entire human race, according to incredible claims by a leading scientist.

Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman said extraterrestrials have repeatedly visited our planet but have no intention of revealing themselves just yet.

The Canada-based expert said there “was not a shadow of a doubt” aliens had come to Earth but that it is being covered-up my governments and security services around the world.

The 82-year-old is a leading figure in the Ufologist community and has previously worked on numerous highly classified projects for American aerospace corporation McDonnell Douglas.

He told Daily Star Online: “We have enough to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Planet Earth is being visited [by aliens].

“This is kept from people because who would want the world in upheaval? There would be mass panic and distress.

“If they (the aliens) want to make themselves known, it’s easy – they will.”

He believes there is a wealth of evidence that aliens exist, citing examples where the CIA has released redacted documents of UFO sightings.

But Mr Friedman thinks the reason they have remained hidden is to eventually quarantine humans on Earth and stop them from attempting to colonise space.

“I think they are here. I think they are here to quarantine us, keep us from going out there.

“With our track record – we’re evil,” he added.

His comments come as billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk continues towards his plan to build a giant civilisation on Mars in the next couple of decades.

But as well as not causing panic among the general public, Mr Friedman thinks reports of crashed spaceships and UFO sightings are also hushed up for another reason.

He said: “The first country to replicate [alien] technology will rule the roost if they can build it.

“It’s political too – the US says ‘are we ready to put out anything if the Russians don’t or the Chinese don’t.”

Mr Friedman, who has written extensively on Aliens and UFOS, has described this culture of secrecy as the world’s “Cosmic Watergate” – a reference to the President Nixon cover-up scandal in the 1970s


With the releases, we are going to be receiving sufficient funds to begin helping back in a measured way. Those that have contributed to our efforts and kept this what we do alive, will be receiving something from us as a gift/grant situation. This is something that we have discussed in length amongst our board members, and although it is not a promise or a “if you give us this, you get that” situation, it is something we wish to do when the funds arrive for that purpose. The amounts that will be gifted or granted are not large but they are a thank you, and if you do not need what we will give, then use that to pay it forward to others in need. Keep the circle and the example going.

We have the PayPal information and emails where we can send back to, but the alternative is to send by wire via the paymaster we have hired for this purpose otherwise we would be in the bank for weeks getting the wires out.

So depending on your preference, please send your bank coordinates to this address only (bankz@humanus.ca) that has been set up for Zap helpers for this purpose, or an email back here with your PayPal email so we can cross-check it. Either way, one of these two methods is ok with us.

I expect these gifts back in the next 30 days or less as we still have to do up the separate foundation that will handle these giftings and grants. If it is sooner than that, I will let you know, and it is probable it will be so. Susan is compiling a list right now of the most critical cases like foreclosure or worse. We will do our best to get this particular relief done as soon as possible. Remember, this has never been a promise, it is just our intent to do something back for all the help we have received.

Also be aware that additional emails from those that did not contribute will be rejected as we will be doing a massive cross-check of the information to ensure only those that did help along the way are the ones that will benefit from our intent to give back.

Much Love n Hugs. God Bless.

Love and Light

in Our service



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With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

“The Office of Poofness”

ZAP, Susan and Staff

Roota’s “Horn of Zeese” #008

March 27, 2017: Bix Weir breaks down the morning news according to the Road to Roota Theory.
In this morning’s news Bix covers his latest Secret Silver Hoard video, a huge Gold Heist, the Trumps Transition stumbles/plan and how the Obama Care costs will help destroy the US Dollar.
Roota’s “Horn of Zeese” #008 (Bix Weir’s Morning News)
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir